An invisible mannequin can be directly associated with retail stores. This is simply because the concept of a mannequin has been used to display clothing items for more than a hundred years. In the past, mannequins with full bodies in different sizes that are perfect for children and adults clothes are often more preferred by store owners. But today, individual mannequin parts such as hands, feet, heads and necks are employed for displaying purposes.

Both a retail store owner, either online or offline can make use of mannequins as well as mannequin parts to display products. These can also be utilized when taking photographs of products that will be up for sale over the internet.


There are some things that a store owner should consider before deciding to use either a full-bodied mannequin or individual mannequin parts for the business’ products. Listed below are the factors that one should consider.

Factor1. The Product Up for Display

The first thing that should be considered is the type of product or goods that will be displayed using an invisible mannequin. The store owner should find the right form of mannequin that will best represent the products that are for sale.

For example, the owner should choose a mannequin’s hand, neck or arm if the products involve jewelry. On the other hand, a mannequin’s foot is the perfect choice for a shoe business. In case wigs are involved, the owner can always pick out heads. But if clothing items will be displayed, full-bodied mannequins are still the best option.

Factor2. The Grooming of the Mannequins

How the mannequin will physically look like when displayed is also a factor that a store owner should consider. This often affected by the products that the store sells.

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